I started this podcast when I knew I was heading into the most stressful season of my life: the month the pandemic shuttered my 7 figure "non essential" business and everyone was looking to me to innovate how to generate income and save jobs. 

These pep talks were for me around topics I wrestled with. I decided to make it public because I know I wasn't the only one who needed it. 

I paused the podcast to write my best selling book, and now I'm considering what's next for the podcast. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the pep talks and that they uplift your heart. I have changed so much since recording these, but the truth of them still slaps. I hope you enjoy. 

I’m Paden, and I love pep talking

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Easy and uplifting
Paden’s quick and practical podcasts help me evaluate where I am in life or what I’m going through. She shares how she’s personally handled tough situations and gives tips to help us work through them. I look forward to each episode as I can listen to them with my kids in the car or even while grocery shopping.

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Listen, learn, thrive. Let's cultivate our crafts together!