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I'm Paden Hughes.
 Amazon Best Selling Author, Speaker and HSP Coach

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I'm Paden, and I am obsessed with helping highly sensitive women use their gifts to create success 

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But it's more than that. I'm obsessed with helping you tap into your unique success code, stop comparing against everyone else and actually discover how using their intuition is the secret weapon to their success. I love that success for me doesn't look like success for you would. Life is too boring to follow a framework or reverse engineer someone else's success and hope it'll work for you. No, you are unique. And you get to be weird, funky and special in life and business. And that's why I love what I do as an author, coach and speaker. 

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Family trip around the world for 1 year 

Solo trips for soul healing with intuitives

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Entertaining my kids with silly voices.

Beach, hands down!

Grounding in nature. Kitchen dance parties.

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What happens when the stressed-out CEO of a nonessential business, in the middle of a pandemic, with two kids under four, actually does the unthinkable: takes two hours a day to find a source of joy — and then continues to do it almost every day of her life? 

That's exactly what my book Take Two: How a Simple Daily Habit Increased My Health, Wealth and Happiness dives into.

Take Two shares the transformative journey of an overworked and overwhelmed high achiever (me) whose 21-day sprint of self-care evolved into a daily pilgrimage and gave her the framework she needed to invite peace and contentment into her life. 

Turning My Mess Into My Message



Have you ever noticed that the people who live the most incredible lives talk a lot about the coaches they've hired to get there? Success rarely happens alone. Behind every successful mother, fulfilled CEO, inspiring leader is a list of transformational coaches that helped them breakthrough to new levels. Are you going to be next? 

Building Success on Your Own Terms



Finding a magnetic speaker to inspire and activate your audience is worth its weight in gold. But better than a good presenter, is someone energetic with a powerful story. Paden's keynotes and breakout sessions are rooted in vulnerability so much so attendees often say "I felt like you were speaking right to me." High praise. 

From Breakdown to Breakthrough



Paden loves every part of what she does and she's damn good at it. And she also knows exactly who she works best with and what type of people she uniquely is positioned to serve. We're obsessed about getting results for our clients and if you join us, it's going to be magic!

We’re going to have serious fun together.

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From intimate masterminds to well established events, Paden's keynotes help entrepreneurs get out of the frustration of not getting results and how to stop into their own unique success code. Paden also delivers a powerful keynote to organizations and events wanting to empower its talent to end cycles of burnout through simple daily habits. 



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There are two ways to learn: on your own or with someone who can show you the way. One takes much longer, and the other jet sets you to the life and business you always knew you could have. I am a powerful intuitive coach.  Learn more about my current offers and my signature program: Success Codes, where you learn to unlock your unique success code!

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“Thank you for all your amazing work! It had a tremendous impact on me! I look forward to working together in the future!”

Peggy Curry, Curry Girls Kitchen SAYs:


"I was instantly in awe of her presence and power. Over the past few months, I’ve experienced Paden’s signature methodologies and core teachings rise in the most beautiful way." 

Allyson Bryd Says:

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