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When it comes to building a happy, abundant life all we hear is that if you wake up at 5 am and hustle for several hard years, you can build a 7-figures business. We’ve all heard pithy phrases like “just do the work” or “reverse engineer this successful person’s path to success”. The vast majority of what conventional wisdom shares is: work hard, follow other people’s road maps and if you don’t give up, one day you’ll get there. If you’ve ever been caught up in that line of thinking, you’re not alone. 

Paden Hughes also believed that if she hustled more and more every day, her kids would be happier, her company bigger, her husband prouder, and her life simply perfect. Work hard, play hard, right? Well, she did it. Was a respected business consultant growing dozens of companies from six figures to seven and eight figures. She was a highly rated leadership trainer and speaker at Fortune 500 companies and grew her first business to 7-figures. A highly anxious, people pleaser with no work boundaries, just blinded by her ambition to chase badge of honor after badge of honor so she could finally feel “good enough.” She held on fighting back every sign to slow down. Thinking if she could just muscle through one more year, she’d finally reach the promise land of passive income. 

Then she became a mom (twice over) and depletion heaped on top of her teetering health. Enter 2020 and the pandemic that shuttered her “non essential” business. 

That’s when it happened. Paden face planted on her kitchen floor, in the middle of the day in front of her infant and toddler. And that’s what finally got her attention. 

She headed to Sedona on a week long “soul adventure” and walked away with the marching orders to spend two hours a day alone, just learning to relax and reconnect with her intuition and needs. She carved that time out of her work hours so it wouldn’t impact her family. Just worked 10 less hours per week. Imagine setting that kind of boundary in your life? 

She gave it a three week trial and managed to do 21 days in a row. Shocked by how many things improved in her life, she kept going. That simple daily habit improved her health, wealth and happiness so dramatically that wrote a book about it. And now that journey is helping other ambitious women shift their lives too.

Shortly after publishing her book, she pivoted her career. Even with a strong business background, she wasn't sure we wanted to go back to traditional business consulting because she always felt like something was missing. It was too linear. Too focused on compartmentalizing the leader. Too masculine. Never integrating the nervous system or subconscious programming. But after her own healing journey and building a successful coaching business working far less with greater results, she decided to mentor business women in integrating their magic and wisdom into how they grow businesses. 

Over the last three years she developed her Freedom Framework to support ambitious women in building businesses that align them to freedom. Her clients learn to cut down their work days to a couple hours a day, make decisions using their intuition, learn to care for themselves, build systems of support around them and remove the subconscious programming holding them back from the success they know is their birthright.

It’s proven that there is a way to do business that has not hit the entrepreneurship trends yet. Paden believes that applying your gifts in the service of others is a sacred devotion. The kind humanity needs. When women rise up, redefine success and use their innate power, the world of business will radically shift for everyone. 

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