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Your soul is tugging at you that even though you’ve already achieved a level of success, but you're done killing yourself for it. Something is missing, and it’s driving you crazy trying to figure out what the missing link is. 

If you’re on this page right now, chance are you know deep down you have more potential than you’ve seen. You know not only do you have it inside of you, but you will never be truly satisfied with mediocrity in any form. You also know that what the rest of the world chases may NOT be the kind of happiness your soul is deeply craving. You know you're sensitive and that somehow that has to be part of this untapped potential. You know you were made for more. You’re an old soul that won’t settle for superficial signs of success.

And inside of this program you’ll find what that is. 

Your life looks amazing from the outside and you often hear people share with you that they admire you. You did all the “right things”, checked all the boxes and got all the badges of honor growing up. So you kept going into adulthood, trying to follow the steps to ensure your success. But you know that underneath the glitter, you’re deeply unsatisfied, barely holding it together and feel like you’ve been sold a recipe for success that doesn’t taste good. Parts sure, but overall, nope.

You’re burned out. You’re depleted beyond words. The path to success has been hard fought and you’re questioning the sacrifice you’re putting in. Is it worth it? You spend more time away from your loved ones than you wanted to. You neglect your needs and pretty much run on caffeine these days praying you don’t crash or get sick whenever you manage to take time off.

Your significant other or closest friends would say that nothing is ever good enough for you and you feel guilty any time you hear that. Because a part of it is true: life as you’re living it isn’t good enough. It’s not that you aren’t grateful, it’s that you know there is more and the longer it eludes you the more angst you experience.

You look at all your models for success and wonder what you’re getting wrong. They all preached hustle, grind and sacrifice today so you can have more later. But now some of your role models are using phrases like “I manifested this life” or “intuition is the key to my success” and you’re sitting there wondering what that actually means? Not just theoretically, but actually.

You’ve invested so much time and money into your development. You’ve done the courses, bought the books and meditated on the mountain top and it’s not shifting your reality. The only change is that now you can talk like you know what they know, but the results aren’t there.

There is this tugging at your heart to keep going, to keep searching and a deep knowing that there is another way to success than the way you’ve been trying. A sense your sensitivity is part of it. 

That still quiet inner voice is urging you to trust yourself. It’s asking you to have faith and seek out the answers. But most of all it’s whispering to take action.

Tell me, can you relate to this? 

Everything you’re experiencing now was sent by design to spur you into action and not to be satisfied with a mediocre existence?

What if you’re supposed to feel exactly like you feel right now because that’s the only way you’d be moved into action?
The soul nudges that are robbing you of your peace are doing it on purpose? What if that’s the sign post you needed to direct you here, now? 

You landed on this page in perfect timing to unlock your purpose and wealth and completely shift your life? 

All your blocks, mistakes and pain were placed inside of you so that you could go on a sacred journey of healing and transformation? What if I told you it’s possible to look back on your life and be thankful for the very things that plague you today? 

Everything that felt like you had to fight to win and breakthrough was a lie? What if the fighting was you fighting against your cosmic design?

You are exactly on time? How much stress and pressure you’ve been putting on yourself to hurry up and figure it out would dissolve? 

Would it finally give way to curiosity and anticipation? 

And now you've been guided here. 

I'm Ready

What if I told you that ….

The question is..... are you ready to do something about it? 

Hi, I’m Paden Hughes. I’m the 7-figure CEO who face planted in my kitchen in the middle of the day in front of my kids. Ironically, but now a beautiful part of my story, I built that business on pure hustle and grind ideology. And while on paper it worked, I paid every price I swore I wouldn’t to get there. I got caught up in the idea that “one day” it would all be worth it. But I was miserable inside. I felt like the life I’d worked so hard to build was a life I had to survive. Depletion doesn’t even begin to explain it. If I were to go back to my thoughts then I’d honestly feel like every day felt like a well planned attack on positive thinking and sanity.

Maybe it was the combination of surviving a global pandemic as a non-essential business owner and exuding enough confidence that my team and clients wouldn’t lose faith in our ability to survive.

Maybe it was motherhood, and how hard it was for me as a Highly Sensitive Person to live in a world of constant demands, always being “on” and never being able to catch a break for myself.

Or maybe it was the unfortunate timing of the soul nagging the kept whispering to me in my moments of true sadness that “you are meant for more”, “you’re out of alignment” and worst of all “you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing.” Those were the voices that got to me worse than my own inner mean girls wrecking havoc on my desire to be good enough for the people around me.

I could go on, but I already wrote a best-selling book Take Two all about it. Suffice to say nothing about my life felt like success.And the part that pissed me off was that I’d spent thousands of dollars on personal development, therapy and masterminds trying to get to the place of relaxing and feeling abundant.

Fast forward to today, and I’m so thankful for that damn face plant. Because it got my attention and set me on a journey to define success on my terms and find it in completely non-traditional ways.

I stepped down as CEO and started my own multiple six figure coaching business, but I did it only working 4 hours a day AND spending two hours every day for self care. That to me was what success felt like. And I didn’t need to wait until I was making half a million dollars a year to get there.

I said yes to more luxurious vacations in a calendar year than I ever had, even when we were still in a pandemic. I felt abundant, happy and every time I trusted the money would be there it was.

I went from feeling stuck in my career and unfulfilled to turning my mess into my message and wrote a best-selling book that is transforming my readers’ lives. Ironically making me so thankful for that damn face plant. (Which is why I believe the pain and struggle you feel right now in your life will be part of the beautiful tapestry of your life.)

I went from people pleasing and emotional reactivity to someone who truly loves myself and trusts all the ways my intuition directs me. I have my own reliable GPS system to chart my course forward.

And now I have this program, which my intuition told me to not only create but directed every step of this program’s design even down to the color blue I use in the program logo. I’m not kidding.

What I Discovered.... 

Do you want to unlock your success codes so you stand in your power and align your activities for maximum impact?

I’m living a life that I used to envy before I hit the milestones I had been waiting for. This is why I’m so grateful you’re here reading this. Because I’m here to bust some of the mythology around what success looks like and what it takes to achieve it without the relentless hustle. 

I Want That

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But here’s what I know about success? The answers are inside of you.

You came into this world coded uniquely for success. And not just any success, the kind that lights your heart on fire and will give you the peace, happiness and purpose you’re desperately seeking now. And your sensitivity holds so much of that power. 

The good news is very soon you WILL get the hidden blueprint that you’ve been looking for. I can’t wait to show you how.

Everything you want in life is on the other side of this program. 

I used to roll my eyes reading online coaches promise statements like this, but for the first time I really believe it’s true about this program. Because I’m going to teach you who to unhustle, how to strengthen the muscles needed to decondition yourself and the skills you need to go within for your roadmap to your unique path to success. 

I mean just that alone will save you time and money on personal development. 

I truly believe you are your own healer and the only one who needs to show up for your resume. But because it’s a foreign concept in western culture, you need a guide to get going. But once you get traction you’ll never want to stop. And side note, you’ll never want to work with another non-intuitive coach again. 

Most of what you’ve been taught about success is WRONG. 

It requires you to disconnect from your superpower to just “grind and do the work.” 

And the way success is dangled in front of us leads us on like a bad Tinder match. We’re taught only the elite, the best and the truly dedicated will ever reach the top. Almost daring us to be one of them. It promises if you’re in the top 1% you’ll have it all. 

But what’s NOT being said is that’s promising a 90% fail rate! How is ANYONE excited about enrolling in that? It’s bull shit. 

At best it’s the old paradigm of success and one that I no longer support. Not to mention I can’t tell you how many friends of mine have sold their companies for multiple 8 figures and are still spiritually vacant, searching for happiness and regret a lot about how they lived their lives reaching the pinnacle of entrepreneurial success. I can tell you here what they’ve told me personally, “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” 

When the top 10% of successful superstars don’t all come out praising the framework they used to create the coveted success, the system is flawed.

Plain and simple.

It doesn’t work as promised and we all need to be finding a new way. 

And what I have found is there is another way.

Success is more than just talented people working hard work. 

Success belongs to those who crack their code to success
and get out of their own way. 

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You’re determined to build an inspiring success story but you’re not getting the results and you’re painfully aware of how mean years you’ve been talking about dreams and not what you’ve built.

You’re tired of going to bed last in your family, working into the night on your laptop in the kitchen and wondering when you won’t have to to “get ahead”. 

Are you sick of chasing money, when the truth is if you had it today, would you even know what to do with it to bring real happiness? Or would you use it to buy distractions?

You’re constantly seeing peers of yours succeed and secretly you think you’re more talented, magnetic or credible but they’re the ones taking action and getting better results.

You spend a lot of time comparing yourself and feeling envious. And it feels defeating because they’ve already beaten you to the punch.

You avoid looking at your bank account or setting a family budget because you’re afraid to see how bad it really is. You just know you’re overextended and it makes you sick to your stomach thinking about it.

You have about three new cool ideas on how to get paid for your epic talents, but right when you get close to taking action on them you freeze. You can’t explain why, you have something inside of you blocking you. And you feel so critical of yourself for it.

You’ve truly been successful in an area of your life that mattered to you, and you deserve to be proud of that area. But you felt empty inside when you reached that coveted milestone and you’re sad to admit it’s not fulfilling like you thought it would be. Now you’re not sure where to go from here.

It’s a 16 week video course taught by Paden Hughes, #1 best selling author, podcast host and success coach to dozens of sensitive and high ambition professionals. This program is the direct result of stepping out of hustle culture and charting a new course step by step. It is a program that builds week over week to create compounding results and accountability as you unlock what success looks like for you AND how you’re uniquely designed to achieve it. 

Rather than teach you to push through and force yourself to succeed, working insane hours and doing things you hate, Paden teaches you that you can get there with ease, follow what lights you up and trust yourself over trending advice. 

Each module will be explored in a live group zoom call and supported with short teaching videos, pre-recorded and already in your portal along with worksheets and homework each week to integrate the lessons right into your life. Once in the program, you receive lifetime access to every module, live recording and video she uploads. 

This Program Is Perfect For You If You Are...

This Program Is not the best  For You If You Are...

If you’re on that edge, I’m inviting you to join me.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Ready to do unconventional things to get lasting results

Inspired by my personal journey and feel like you related to it deeply

Ready to trust yourself over online experts

Open minded and curious

Skeptical about anything that doesn’t fit in the box you were taught to live in 

Happier to pay someone to just tell you how to live your life

Not ready to make yourself a priority or carve out time daily

In a season of life that is unrelenting and it’s just not the right time (note: if your life looks like this all the time, that actually means there is never going to be a right time for you, so if you want to be happy today is as good of a day as any) 

If you’ve made it this far down on this page, it’s probably because you’re considering enrolling in the Success Code program. 

You may be asking yourself how things will be different this time? Maybe you’re worried this could just be one more program that you invest in and don’t get results from. 

I know we don’t know each other yet, but I can tell you I can’t name a single program that dives into this the way I do here. I’m putting everything I’ve learned together to ensure your journey of seeing little results for your investment ends. 

Only when you take a bet on yourself will you truly see the shifts you’re looking for. Fortune favors the bold and sometimes it requires a leap of faith or bold aligned action to bring you into the awarenesses you need that change it all.  

Hey, listen!

With Success Code program you’re getting over $4,550 of value

16 Weeks Pre-Recorded Lessons, No Fluff

Paden’s Ahai 7D energy infused walking meditations, visualizations, breathing exercises

But that’s NOT what you’ll pay today. 

The Price is only $888. 

Get started for just $148 per month today!  

$3,800 value 

Tell me, do any of these sound like you?

Yep, I'm In!

You read books that say it’s resilience. So you think you need to keep grinding day in and day out because you’re too afraid to admit that you’re forcing ourselves to do something that’s killing your soul a day at a time. 

You sit around your family reunions hearing everyone relive their glory days, which inevitably means they’re talking about college. Another sign to you that your best days are behind you.

You hear a famous CEO share that the only secret to success is hustle. Just put in the long days and skip weekends and vacations for a couple hard years. That’s what it takes. And something about it doesn’t feel true, but enough people are saying the same thing so we think we should give it a try. And you do, and now every key relationship in your life is on the rocks, right around the same time it comes out that that same CEO who preached sacrifice just got a divorce and his kids won’t talk to him.

You hear an influential leaders say that as a chid they knew who they would be in this world and as they recount their story of success it’s clear some kind of guardian angel must have been guiding them because they pretty much got only green lights in their career. And you fall into petty comparison and stop listening because none of that maps to your journey so far and probably never will (or so you tell yourself).

Success as we’ve been taught it and modeled is confusing. It’s like a moving target that only Robin Hood could possibly hit accurately.

You’re looking for that missing key that you haven’t found yet:

Let's get to the point

90% of the time its....

… ineffective 
… counter productive. 
… comes at a very high cost when it does work. 

If just one of these sounds like you, this program was built for you. 

This is the only program you will ever need when it comes to learning how to stand on your sensitivity and use it to guide your success from within. 

What is the Success code Program? 

What we cover each week:

See you inside the program!


And it sure as hell doesn't work for sensitives.

Early Bird Pricing: $1,997


This course is available online and is designed to take about 2 hours a week to keep momentum 

All content is DRIPPED OUT ONE WEEK AT A TIME to give you time to integrate

If you pay in Full, You'll get a free 1 hour integration session with Paden Hughes